Our mission is to help our customers to grow and become successful. And we will grow together with then.


Our services are cost efficient, fast time to market, innovative, highly available and reliable, chosen and implemented with long term partnerships in mind.


We offfer following consultancy and audit services:

  • Evaluation of technical condition of IT and Telecom infrastructure.

  • Evaluation of software applications in terms of serving business needs.

  • Analysis  of IT network, equipment, compliance to industry standards.

  • Developing of improving and optimization recommendations related to IT hardware and software infrastructure.

  • Support of tender process, evaluation and comparison of various solutions and systems.

  • Project management

We always ready to discuss your specific business problems and offer suitable solution.



We can offer technical support of existing software and hardware systems, including:

  • Monitoring of system status, informing users about current status.

  • Identifying and processing of accidents and request.

  • Arranging planned activities such as maintenance, backup, servicing.

  • Emergency troubleshooting and recovery services.


We are specialized on delivering and implementation of various solutions and systems:

  • Evaluation and analysis of available on market solutions and systems base on customer request.

  • Turn-key installation, commissioning and setup of various IT and Telecom software and hardware solutions.

  • Development and implementation of custom solutions and systems.

  • Trainings.

  • Maintenance, support and upgrade of implemented solution.


We can help you to create various documentation including:

  • Tender documents, Request for Proposal, Specification.

  • Software Requirements Specification for software development and implementation.

  • Various reports and analytical documents.

  • Manuals, instructions, knowledge base documentation.

  • Any other necessary documentation.


We can deliver various equipment and hardware, as separate items or part of solution.

  • Servers and spare/replacement parts (CPU, HDD, RAM, etc.)

  • Video surveillance hardware

  • IT Network equipment - switches, routers, firewalls, etc.

  • Accessories - IT racks, patch-panels, mounting kits.

  • Cables and connectors - FO and LAN, power cables.

  • Desk phones, conference phones, video phones.

  • Access control systems.

We are not limiting our supply only by abovementioned. You can come to us with custom request - we will do our best to help you.


Using our extensive experience and through carefully selected partners we can offer following services related to IT security:

  • Network penetration test.

  • Penetration test of website, web applications, software.

  • Security and vulnerability audit of IT infrastructure

  • Implementation of Data Loss Prevention Systems (DLP)

  • Investigation of IT security breaches and accidents.

  • Improving of overall IT security, development of methods and instructions for personnel related to security.

Our main target is to help you to protect your business valuable data and your business it self.



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