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Biplan Global - company that specialized in delivery of various complex solutions, systems and services.


Our team has extensive experience in IT and Telecom industries, business-process analytics, evaluation and modeling, solutions implementation and support.



Biplan Global is a privately owned company, founded in 2012 by people with long experience in IT and Telecom industry.


We started as software development company offering our customers customized solutions.


We widen our range of services by arranging partnership with carefully chosen companies that offers innovative and efficient business solutions and systems.


Our customers are medium and enterprise multinational companies in telecommunications, IT, financial, insurance, service, logistic and other industries.

Our company`s development strategy relies on long-term experience, following modern trends and innovation, fast reaction to market changes and new technologies.


We are constantly studying new technologies in order to offer our customers most effective solutions to achieve their business goals. We are always open for new and innovative ideas.


Today we have a lot of accomplished and on-going projects. Our mission is to help our customer to grow and become successful. And we will grow together with them.


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