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We are specialized in offering perfectly chosen business solutions and systems that will solve

your business problems. With attention to small details we can offer best possible service.


Biplan Global is a privately owned company, founded in 2012 by people with long experience in IT and Telecom industry.


Our strategy is to use the accumulated most innovative industry-specific expertise to deliver high quality and cost effective services and solutions, which would outperform the traditional trends of success in

software and hardware service provisioning.


Biplan Global solutions and services are based on research, technical and operational support, integration and implementation services, focused on high quality, timely delivery and cost-effective approach along with exact fit with customer`s needs. 


We understand and listen to our clients’ needs, evaluate their options and provide solutions, which will solve client business problems.


Our services comprise from following:

  • IT and Telecom consulting and audit

  • Technical Support

  • Business-solutions and systems implementation

  • Documentation development

  • Telecommunication, IT and other hardware supply

  • IT security evaluation, testing and consultancy

We don`t limit our service only to abovemetioned. We always ready to discuss customer`s specific problem and find solution together.

We crave to new technologies and solutions and will be happy to deliver it to our customers.

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